7 June 2012

Opera On Ice 2012

Beautiful like Gods, strong and fast like heroes. Capable to fly over the ice while all around them people hold their breaths. They are the champions of the ice that the world has fallen in love with.

But who are these heroes? It is not for us to know, given that the cast has not been announced yet officially on the Opera On Ice website. But some infos come from the Opera On Ice newsletter.

If you have a look at the poster of the show on TicketOne, the site that sales the tickets, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Yes, because besides Carolina Kostner, the patroness of the show, and Stéphane Lambiel, who I hope is on the road to recovery from his eye problems, who do you see on it? But it is the Tsar, Evgeni Plushenko!

In fact, besides Carolina Kostner and Stéphane Lambiel, confirmed participants are: Evgeni Plushenko, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte and the Hot Shivers.

What can I say? Stay tuned for more infos! And in the meantime, if you are outside Italy, here is the list of countries Opera On Ice is scheduled to play in. No North American venues so far.


  1. Non stò davvero più nella pelle cara Laura, non vedo l'ora che arrivi settembre e di essere a Verona per questo Fantastico Spettacolo !
    Contuinuo a pregare per Stéphane, sempre di più e spero davvero che sia sulla via della guarigione. Poverino !
    Un bacione e buona giornata ;-)

  2. Immagino! Sarà veramente fantastico poter vedere questo spettacolo dal vivo! Speriamo si rimetta presto, gli occhi sono sempre delicati.
    Un bacione e buona giornata anche a te! :)